Successful Projects

Michigan New Jobs Training Program

Members of the EdEn Team are experts in all aspects of the Michigan New Jobs Training (MNJT) program offered by the State of Michigan and targeted at companies adding to aggregate employment in the state.  This unique economic incentive allows for businesses to partner with one of the state's 28 community colleges to develop a funded, company-specific training program that produces the highly trained employees necessary to increase the State of Michigan's competitive edge.  EdEn was contracted by a community college to engage with companies eligible for the program in order to facilitate and administer the collaborative effort between the company, community college and the MI Department of Treasury.  Our job is to serve as the BRIDGE between the community college and the employer to ensure the needs of both parties are met. To learn more about the MNJT program, click HERE

Oakland County Skills Needs Assessment Projects

EdEn has successfully completed four Skills Needs Assessent Projects for Oakland County Workforce Development Division.  These comprehensive studies have targeted various industries including Connected Vehicle (2016), Health Systems (2014), Advanced Manufacturing (2012), and Emerging Sectors (2009). Each project has resulted in the development of customized “Job Profiles” for sector-specific top jobs identified by employers to provide workforce developers and educators with a blueprint of the needed skills and competencies. EdEn also engaged educators from all levels of academia to seek input pertaining to the perceived gap between education program providers and the needs of local employers. The full reports are available below:


Skills Needs Assessment Project - Connected Mobility

Skills Needs Assessment Project - Health Systems

Skills Needs Assessment Project - Advanced Manufacturing

Skills Needs Assessment Project - Emerging Sectors

Department of Labor H-1B Technical Skills Training Grant Application and Project Administration

The writing and submission of the US DOL H-1B Technical Skills Training grant application was a collaborative effort between Automation Alley, grant partners including Oakland Community College and Michigan Works!, and members of the EdEn team.  Capitalizing upon our prior success as a direct recipient of an H-1B grant award, we were able to assist the Alley in crafting a grant application that met and exceeded funding criteria outlined in the competitive grant solicitation.  As a result, Automation Alley was awarded $5 million to provide education, training, job placement assistance, and support activities related to high-growth fields in which employers are currently using the H-1B nonimmigrant visa program to hire foreign workers. EdEn currently functions as the project manager for the entire grant initiative involving over 30 companies.

Automation Alley Information Technology Career Pathways Project

EdEn served as project manager for the Automation Alley Information Technology Career Pathways Project.  This project targeted at-risk and displaced workers in need of IT training.  EdEn wrote, submitted and managed the program which involved interaction with a wide range of stakeholders to include K-12 educators, training providers, workforce development agencies and potential employers. 

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